The 12 Iron clad rules for issuing Press Releases

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  • 17 January, 2021

The 12 Iron clad rules for issuing Press Releases

Press release follows the simple rules of a catchy headline, the opening sentence, the main body, and the conclusion.

And finally the contact information.

But is it that simple? Is it only about these main points?

Press releases should be crafted carefully, with tact, stating the facts and of course, in an ethical manner.A press release is more than just news, there are some elements which are important.

We take a look at the main points-

Make sure you have a newsworthy information-

Understand that a press release is intended to create a splash in the media and to the public. It has to be both interesting and important at the same time. It should be relevant to the readers and unique in giving the information.

Understanding how to write-

It is about telling a story in an interesting manner. However, it does contain elements of journalism and following the standards of writing for the media. So you need to work with a set of writers, or journalists who have the experience or at least know what is expected in a press release.

Who is your target audience-

Once you have got your basics right, survey on who is your target audience. Writing a piece without knowing for whom are you writing will be like wandering in the dark. Knowing your target audience will give you an insight into how to write the press release.

Writing in the third person-

Even though you are writing for your target audience you should always be writing in third person. Do not address your audience directly. It should only be subtly expressed, but make a point nevertheless.

Writing a catchy headline-

A strong headline is like half the game won. It is similar to a sales pitch. It has to grab attention. However, do not be over the top and make it obvious that you have given a catchy headline. Be clever about it.

Making the opening paragraph interesting-

The opening paragraph should be interesting enough with the aim your audience will move on to the next paragraphs. The content should be smooth flowing, intriguing which will keep people hooked. The point is to put forth all the information and yet keep an element of mystery so that your audience reads the remaining piece of the story.

This is where the job of editors comes into account.

The Editing process is important-

An editor’s job is important as the piece should not only be grammatically correct but also should ensure it is not creating any negative impact. If possible your article should be almost error-free with just minor mistakes or no mistakes at all. It will make the job of the editor not only easy but get it published fast.


Cross-promotion is a highly effective marketing tactic where you can combine your product or service with a related product.

Your article is published! Great! But is that the only point of your press release? For it to gain the maximum reach you will have to collaborate and reach out to business partners which will also increase the brand value and increase your client base.

Using the right distribution channels-

PR includes a broad spectrum of distribution. You have to be clever about the same as you have to keep a check on your costs. (Magazines, social media channels) It should be a perfect mixture of paid and organic promotion.

Include an attractive image or video-

Include at least a high-quality image to support your written piece. If possible upload a video of your press release on any of the top social media channels (this corresponds to the above point of the distribution channel) Videos have the maximum way to increase the viewership.

A good Call to Action-

Tell your audience what you want them to do after they go through your Press release.E.g. you can send them a URL including more information about your organization or a ‘learn more’ button or download something for free, and so on.

The contact information-

Contact information is important in case any of the prospective clients will be interested to get in touch with your company. (Phone, email id etc.)

A clever PR strategy will not be helpful to increase your sales, but also will be useful in the long run to give you an edge in the market. It should be remembered by the peoplemaking a long-lasting impact.